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    Mobile And App Marketing Trends in 2016

    In November, Forrester released its mobile predictions for 2016, highlighting how mobile will act as a catalyst for business transformation and explaining why the battle for mobile moments will redefine the vendor landscape. Let’s now take a closer look at how mobile will impact marketing in 2016. A year ago, Forrester argued that most brands

    Why Your Facebook Ads Don’t Perform Like AdWords (And Why They Never Will)

    Why Your AdWords Tactics Suck on Facebook Google (ABC, XYZ, or whatever they’re calling themselves these days) pulled in a $75 billion in revenue in 2015. Not bad. Unsurprisingly, the bulk of that revenue came directly from AdWords; as much as 68% of their revenue in 2014. (What? You mean self-driving cars aren’t profitable yet?!)

    Stackon Technologies – Android, IOS development with SEO services

    Our team is a rich pool of resources – industry knowledge, technical expertise and innovative skills. Creating websites and apps that excite, engage and excel is our passion. Ensuring a strong web presence for our clients…. Stackon Technologies is a highly skilled and professional team of experts working with mobile and web technologies. We focus

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